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11 year old Zipper

Great Dogs Come From Good Training.

2 year old Dewalt

Class Schedule:

Mondays: Competition Agility at 6:30pm. New session starts Feb 29th. Accepting new students.

Tuesdays: New Session of:

Paws to Fix It starts on Feb. 23rd at 10am.

Team Builders Agility starts Feb 16th at 6:00pm. One spot available.

Wednesdays: Competition Agility at 5:00pm. Next session starts March 2nd. Accepting new students.

Team Builders Agility at 6:30pm. Next session starts March 2nd. Accepting new students.

Thursdays: Team Builders Agility at 6:30pm. Next session starts March 11. Accepting new students.

Saturdays: Building rental open only to Good Dog 101 students.

Foundation/Starters - to be scheduled

Agility classes run for 6 weeks with each class lasting an hour.

1 hour privates offered between 8:00am - 3:00pm

Can't make an evening class? Contact us as we may be able to schedule a class during the day between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00pm.



 Contact us at

(610) 488-5279 or email info@gooddog101.net for
more information about our dog training services and class schedule.

Tricked Out Training Class 

Teaching Good manners and fun dog tricks. This class can help you better communicate with your dog and strengthen your human/dog relationship.

      Dog Agility Classes

Dog  agility is an obsticle course made up of jumps, tunnels and ramps called A-frame,dog walk and Teeter. Handlers must show the dog the correct path on the course. Agility classes can be just for fun or to prepare for competion. The following classes are offered:-

Foundation/Starters for the beginners - no experience needed.

Team Builders for the graduates of the Foundation/ Starters class or for those with some agility skills. 

Competition level for those wanting to compete in trials/tests.


Behavior Modification

We also offer one-on-one behavior modification sessions. These private training sessions are perfect for dogs that get up on the counter, take items out of the trash, or have problems meeting new animals. You have the option of coming to our facility for these sessions or we can travel within 20-miles of our location.


Paws To Fix It

This class (1.5-2 hours) can be used to practice or fix training issues that are not covered in a standard class. Open to all levels. If you need to fix sit, stay, start lines, contacts, recalls or working with distractions, then this class is for you. This is not a regularly scheduled class but is usually offered once a month or as the scheduled permits. Check our website for dates.



                                                 Our fenced training ring