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About Good Dog 101
Good Dog 101 was created about 19 years ago when owner, Vincent Madeiros, saw an opportunity to introduce a new way of dog training using positive methods. During those years, Vincent served as President of the Bermuda Kennel Club and director of the Bermuda All Breed Club and Dog Training Club of Bermuda. He is the founder of International Dog Events Association (IDEA) which provides a venue for all dogs to compete in agility under USDAA rules in Bermuda. Vincent is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer attaining his certification in 2002 and continues his education in dog training by attending seminars and conferences. He was recertified in September 2011. Vincent is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Vincent and his wife moved to Pennsylvania in late 2008.


Dogs love to have fun and so do people. Here at Good Dog 101 we will show you and your dog that training can be fun. Many of our training exercises include games you can take home and play while practicing your training skills.  We believe that building a good relationship with your dog is the best way to be successful in your training endeavors.  Good Dog 101 is proud to provide a variety of training classes, including three levels of Agility, Puppy and Canine Good Citizen.

Positive Training Techniques
The dog trainers at Good Dog 101 use specialized shaping methods that vary from the traditional luring methods. Not only do these methods make taking your dog to training classes fun, it also gives your dog a chance to learn the value of a behavior in a different way. These methods are used in our standard training and behavior modification classes.


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