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Dogs love to have fun and so do people. We believe that building a good relationship with your dog is the best way to be successful in your training endeavors. Good Dog 101 is proud to provide a variety of training classes to enhance your training experience with your dog.

Our Dogs


Flirt & Gucci

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Our Training Facility

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All of our equipment is competition approved with rubber surfaces.


Good Dog 101 uses positive reinforcement as the training method for teaching. We believe the behavior that is rewarded is more likely to be repeated than the one that is not rewarded. Using these techniques dogs learn to make good choices on which behaviors to repeat. 


                 DOG TRAINING COACH

We consider dog training to be a team experience. Both you and your dog need to build the skills needed for the dog-human connection to work.


At Good Dog 101, we feel that this is the foundation for success whether you want a performance dog or a well mannered companion. Our goal is that we become not just your dog trainer but your dog training coach.

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