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Good Dog 101 was created about 30 years ago when owner, Vincent Madeiros, saw an opportunity to use a different method of training dogs with positive reinforcement. Vincent is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer attaining his certification in 2002 and continues his education in dog training by attending seminars and conferences. Re-certification is required every three years. He was re-certified in June 2021. Vincent is a Professional Premium Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Dewalt ADCH.jpg

Vincent competes in AKC and USDAA dog agility trials with his Border Collie, Dewalt and Dewalt's son, Vibe, who is just starting to compete. Dewalt and Holly (retired) have attained Agility Dog Championship titles and Lifetime Achievement awards. Dewalt ranked Top 10 in Jumpers, Snooker, Standard and Tournament classes in USDAA 2018 20" jump height division. Dewalt also placed second in Grand Prix at the USDAA Cynosport world games in 2021. Vincent has also competed in obedience trials and in the conformation show ring, however, agility has become his passion.

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