up to 8 months
Puppy Class

This is a great  place to start training your young dog.  It will give you most of the tools  you will need to teach your pup good life skills. It will also help in

   relationship building. 

In this class we will teach:-

  • Sit & Down

  • Name recognition (recall)

  • Working through distractions

  • Come to heel, sitting at side

  • Play interaction (games)

  • Tunnels and "get on it" games

  • Sequencing some or all of these behaviors

We have a class starting:

Saturday, Dec 12th  @ 2pm

Cost for a 6 week session is $140. Classes run approximately 1 hour.

Pure youth crazy. English cocker spaniel
9 months+

Starters Agility: For dogs with no agility experience. 

Start date TBA


Advanced: For dogs who have completed a Starters class or for those with some agility skills.

Tuesdays @ 5:30 - 2 spots open


Competition: For those wanting to compete at an agility event. Dogs should be proficient on advanced level skills.

Thursdays @ 6:30

1 spot open


Cost for a 6 week session is $140. Classes run approximately 1 hour.

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All levels
Paws To Fix It

Private Lessons

Working at any level - obedience/good manners or agility.

1/2 Hour lesson $30

1 Hour lesson $60

Paws to Fix It /Drop-in Class

This class provides a working environment for dogs of all levels (agility, obedience/good manners). If you need to fix a sit, stay, start lines, contacts, recalls or working with distractions, then this class is for you.

Mondays @ 6:30

Must register by the Sunday before.

Need 3 bookings in order to hold class. Cost for the 1 hour class $25

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